As you probably know, to play Yahtzee Live You need certain amount of tokens. Yahtzee online offers two kinds of tokens:
  1. Silver tokens
  2. Gold tokens
1. Silver tokens are free, assigned by system every day at 12 a.m. (UTC) and you can use them for the next 24 hours. Tomorrow, at the same time, our system will reset these tokens to amount of 40 *, for regular users, or 90* silver tokens for Premium users.
*Welcome tokens are only exception. They represents a bonus which is assigned to every new registered user. Every new user gets 100 free tokens by creating his/her account, so he/she can meat our application better as well as the game rules.

2. Golden tokens are paid one they never exire. Only You can spend them playing Yahtzee Live. There are a few ways you can collect these tokens:
  1. Buy tokens (you have to be registered first)
  2. Using promotions (if applicable)
* Yahtzee Live reserves the right to change amount of tokens, with no obligation to inform all the users first.

All you need is to BUY one of (Golden) Packages we offered.
That means that you can become Premium user for only 2.00€ per month! Yes, it's less than a / month!

Premium users get 50 Silver tokens more then regular ones for the next 15 days starting from the purchase day. After those 15 days expire, You need to renew Your Premium status.
Note – Premium users leave off unfinished game rarely then regular users.

You need 20 tokens for Singleplayer or 40 to play Multiplayer game.

Yahtzee is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc.